Why do you order and/or continue to order from Ashbury Images?

Ashbury Images supplies Anchor Brewing Co., with high quality products in a timely fashion that always exceed our expectations. Their design team is able to capture the unique and intricate detail of our artwork with each new project we bring their way. As a San Francisco based company we like to support other SF based companies and appreciate their non-profit social mission.

How has your customers experience been like?

Every new project initiated with Ashbury is a smooth process. They are top of their class when it comes to fabric options, timelines, pricing and artistic ability. I’ve yet to have an unpleasant experience and don’t anticipate any to occur in the future.

What do you use Ashbury Images for?

Anchor Brewing Co. works with Ashbury to produce T-Shirts featuring our brand artwork on them.

Tell us about your favorite or most memorable experience working with us?

For one project I could not get the proper art files needed to convert the logo to fabric. The design team tirelessly worked with me to convert what I had into a viable file while still maintaining the detail and the integrity of the artwork.

- Megan Firpo, Point of Sale Manager


Ashbury Images has been our go-to vendor when it comes to creating our t-shirts. Their superior service, pricing, and lightning fast turnaround make them the obvious choice!

- Johnny Chang, Production Manager

Mosaic Event Management

As a fellow small business in San Francisco, we are honored to use Ashbury Images for the quality apparel and promo items we need and to support the empowerment work they do for our community. We are always impressed by the quality of their products and the professionalism of their staff. The people at Ashbury Images make working with them truly enjoyable. Tim and his team are some of the most courteous, conscientious and hard-working we have encountered in this industry. It is a true pleasure to be able to support such an outstanding organization and at the same time receive the high-quality service and products we require.

- James Raycraft, Vice President


We order from Ashbury Images for several reasons. One of the most important is that they too are a social enterprise! Secondly, they provide very competitive pricing, and also they provide excellent customer services. For example, we can see samples of the shirts, they provide recommendations and they have been prompt in delivering the order.

- Linda Pratt, Director of Sustainability and Partnerships


At eLife we are very happy with Ashbury's services and timely responses to any queries we've ever had. Given the international scope of our work, it has always been very helpful that they were flexible and open to making convenient shipping arrangements for our orders.

- Kora Korzec , Marketing Manager


Ashbury Images has done tote bag screen printing for REDF, as well as provided customized notebooks, shirts, and other promotional items. They are a delight to work with – quick, responsive, and produce high quality products that gets us a lot of compliments. We use Ashbury Images’ services because they do great work, and because they give opportunity youth a chance to do that great work and gain valuable experience. Not only is Ashbury Images a valued vendor, but they are great partners who have also always gone the extra mile for us, including turning orders around quickly, and even hosting tours of their operations. We are very lucky to have such a great business in San Francisco!

- Karen Chern, Portfolio Manager

Point Reyes National Seashore Association

We have had great experiences working with Ashbury Images. The quality of their work is excellent and the customer service is top notch. Moreover, it is a privilege to support a company that is committed to helping young people achieve their full potential and is actively giving back to the local community. I would recommend Ashbury Images to any business or organization looking for high-quality printing.

- Devin Currens, Bookstore Manager

Sports Basement

Ashbury provides great quality screen printed products and professional service for our large corporate orders. We love supporting local businesses and we support Ashbury's social cause. Our experience with them has been amazing. Paul has been very responsive and pays attention to every part of our order. Alicia has been a great compliment to him. The whole team in general goes above and beyond what I need them to do.

- Cynthia Lee